6 Month Baby Update + Postpartum Thoughts | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

6 Month Baby Update + Postpartum Thoughts

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6 Month Baby Update + Postpartum Thoughts | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek
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Dolly Jean is rolling around all over the place and eating real food, with bananas and sweet potatoes being her favorites. We drove 16 hours to Texas and back, have been on two more flights and a few other short road trips, which she has all conquered like a champ. She also pushed through her first cold, sleep training and little spurts of teething. Each month that goes by becomes my new favorite, and six months has truly been such a fun age!


7:00 AM – wake up & nurse
7:30 AM – eat breakfast
8:00 AM – play time
9:00 AM – nap #1
10:00 AM – nurse
10:30 AM – get out of the house (library, classes, errands, etc)
12:00 PM – nap #2
1:00 PM – nurse
1:30 PM – eat lunch
2:00 PM – play time
3:00 PM – nap #3
4:00 PM – nurse
4:30 PM – eat dinner
5:00 PM – play time
6:30 PM – start bedtime (bath, pjs & books)
7:00 PM – bottle & down for bed


I feel like postpartum depression is something no one ever talks about. After the baby’s born, everyone’s concerned with the baby. How is she doing? How is she eating and sleeping? Has she smiled yet? No one asks how mom is doing. Is she sleeping? Is she eating? How is she feeling? Recovery is painful, and not to mention mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting.

I’m VERY thankful that Mason had time off from work to stay home and that we had family come to visit. I had also joined mommy & me groups with other new moms, and it made me realize how truly lonely the postpartum period can feel, especially for parents in a similar scenario as us.

We just moved nearly a thousand miles away from the place we called “home.” We didn’t know anybody or have any friends or a church community yet. No one to make a meal or fold laundry or watch the baby for an hour while I take a nap. Getting out of the house every day (whether to run errands, go to a class or sit on the back porch) was the only thing that kept me sane.

I don’t write all of this for pity, because honestly, I think we’ve done a pretty great job at meeting people and trying to get plugged in. Plus, we have an amazing “virtual” support system of friends and family back in Texas.

I haven’t personally dealt with postpartum depression, but I do know how lonely being a new mom can feel, and I recognize how quickly and easily that can spiral into something bigger. I also know that being a mama, the responsibility is heavy, but the duty is the greatest honor.

If you get anything at all from this blog post, I hope it’s this: there is no better mama on this planet for your baby except for you. No one. No one could do it better. YOU are the best mama for your baby. You were given that baby (or babies) because you are the girl for the job.

I’ve had a couple friends share with me their tough postpartum or motherhood experiences, so I’d like to share one more thing. If you are facing a hard time as a mom, please know you’re not alone. There can be beauty from ashes and light in darkness, so don’t lose hope. My inbox is open if you want someone to talk to, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking help if needed. May you find purpose in your pain.

But postpartum depression is very real, so let’s talk about it. ❤️️

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  1. Hi Sydney, I am not a momma yet, but this post really blessed me. It makes me want to reach out to new moms to see if I can help or least come over for a little quality time with her. I have definitely been guilty of unintentionally only checking on the baby or saying hello to the baby. I want to change that! 🙂

    1. Before I had my daughter, I was the same exact way. It could definitely be labeled as something you don’t understand until you go through it yourself, but it makes me so happy that you’ve taken the time to read this and have a heart to be more helpful and gentle with new moms. Thank you!

  2. I’m so glad you have a support system! Being a mom of any stage is so hard! I do not know what I do without the support of family and friends and even more important without the power of God by my side. It is a good thing he is control, as I could never handle it alone.
    Ps. For the record, I think 6 months was one of my favorite ages as well. That and age 2 is magical!

    1. I absolutely agree! Handing over my motherhood to God daily is truly what keeps me sane. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Thanks for bringing this to light again. And for sharing this encouragement. Many blessings to you!

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