9 Month Baby Update + Everyday Favorites | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

9 Month Baby Update + Everyday Favorites

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9 Month Baby Update + Everyday Favorites | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

WOW, so much has happened in the past few months. I feel like it’s almost every day that Dolly Jean makes a new sound, crawls faster, or learns some kind of new trick. Let me backup: she is crawling now!!! I’ll look away for what seems like two seconds, and she’ll be halfway across the house. She loves to pull herself up to stand and practice walking (with help, of course). She can also cruise around the furniture and zoom through the kitchen in her walker.

Little missy will eat almost anything offered to her  — breakfast being her favorite meal — but she still doesn’t have any teeth. She loves to swim and go on walks in her wagon; but hates blanket time and church child care. 😂 Dolly also knows what “no ma’am” means and likes to laugh in rebellion sometimes. Other times, she could entertain herself for hours by reading books in her own little language.

9 Month Baby Update + Everyday Favorites | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek


I share more details on my Instagram stories in the highlight “daily life,” if you want to check that out!

7:30 AM – wake up & nurse
8:00 AM – eat breakfast
8:30 AM – play time
9:30 AM – nap #1
11:00 AM – nurse & eat lunch
12:00 PM – get out of the house (go for a walk or hang out on the back porch since we’re quarantined 😉)
2:00 PM – nap #2
3:30 PM – nurse & eat snack
4:00 PM – play time
5:00 PM – eat dinner
6:30 PM – start bedtime (bath, pjs & books)
7:00 PM – nurse & down for bed

9 Month Baby Update + Everyday Favorites | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek


Besides straws and tupperware containers (who needs toys, anyway?) these are some of the things we use daily for Dolly Jean:

  • I’ve shared this before, but we use her pack & play to keep her contained and entertained while I’m getting things done.
  • I put her in this walker every time I’m in the kitchen. She loves to zoom around the house in this thing!
  • Speaking of the kitchen, I’ll go ahead and share her high chair. It is SO easy to clean.
  • This activity center has been a favorite for months! You can adjust the height and even turn it into a table once they’ve outgrown it.
  • Her jumper is the best way to get energy out at the end of the day. You can clamp it on any door frame, or they also have an option that comes with a stand.
  • I usually keep these tobble toys in her pack & play. They could entertain her all day!
  • We probably get the most use out of this activity cube. It has so many different aspects to it; songs, numbers, colors, shapes and animal names/sounds. It also has an interactive setting to play games as they get to toddler-age.
  • This musical llama is the cutest toy we own, and Dolly loves it! We just keep the mallets hidden away for now until she gets older.

I’m sure I will say this at every age, but this has been my favorite! She is so interactive, but not quite walking yet (so I can catch her before she gets into anything), and it’s fun to see her explore and understand new things every day.

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