Second Trimester with Baby #2 | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Second Trimester with Baby #2

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Second Trimester with Baby #2 | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Hi, friends! Where did we leave off? Towards the end of my first trimester blog, I shared that I was extra nauseous, didn’t know baby’s gender, and started to feel tiny movements! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but everything seems to be happening so much sooner this time around. It’s been fun to compare to my second trimester when I was pregnant with Dolly!

Funny story about our gender reveal: when I was around 13 weeks, my midwife thought we were having a boy, but wasn’t 100% sure since the baby was moving around too much. Then she took another peek a few weeks later and said she was leaning more towards girl, but still couldn’t get a good look since this baby likes to do front flips every time we look at her… only to find out at my 20-week anatomy scan that this little lady is indeed a girl!

I’ve also been working on my baby registry! I asked for advice on my Instagram for must-have items for your second baby, and these were the top recommendations:


Still nauseous, but I stopped taking zofran. B6 and Unisom are working just fine now

This week’s ultrasound looked like a baby BOY(?!) so we shared with our families over Thanksgiving!
Eczema on my arms, which was something I didn’t notice last time

Nauseous in the evenings
My belly button officially popped out!

I can feel certain body parts poking through whenever I lay down & Mason felt movements for the first time too! It’s crazy to me that this was around the time when I first started to feel my older daughter moving.

Ultrasound now looks more like a baby GIRL?! (this was the same week I found out with Dolly!)
Went to Disney World & celebrated Christmas with my parents
A few more nauseous mornings and verrry tired nights

I feel like I’m carrying a lot lower this week
Heartburn is in full-swing. (Tip: papaya helps with this!!)

Braxton hicks have officially started. It freaked me out the first time, because it knocked the wind out of me & I instantly knew I was having a contraction.
A few nauseous days, even with the Unisom/B6 combo

My anatomy scan officially confirmed baby is a GIRL!
She moves nonstop, and every ultrasound proves my point. She doesn’t ever sleep, and the ultrasound tech even said this is the wildest baby she’s seen in her 30+ years… pray for us! Haha

The line on my belly is starting to show
Extremely tired  — especially in the afternoons

Baby girl’s kicks are getting harder and more painful already
Craving cereal and chocolate milk, which have become daily staples for me
I’m not sure what changed, but I had a ton of energy this week

I tried a few days without my nausea meds, and my morning sickness is definitely still here
My midwife asked if I was feeling baby kicks to determine if I had an anterior placenta, then we both laughed as I teared up over a kick to my ribs

Officially cried over being kicked —  this girl is strong and wild!
Still having braxton hicks and heartburn

I’m extremely tired this week. 3pm is usually my limit, then I feel useless the rest of the day
Craving papaya every night, which helps with heartburn, so maybe my body just knows!

Baby girl likes to sit on my bladder now, so I’m running to the bathroom every hour
It’s also been so fun seeing Dolly excited to feel her baby sister move now, too!

Thank you so much for reading along with my pregnancy journey. I’ve loved being able to document everything, and now I can’t wait for my upcoming baby shower in a few weeks! I also started reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth to help prep for labor and come up with a birth plan with my midwife. This pregnancy has felt so much longer but also flown by at the same time. I guess the next update you’ll hear from me will be my third trimester and birth story if I plan to share that again!

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