Second Trimester With Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Second Trimester With Baby #3!

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Second Trimester With Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Since we last discussed pregnancy updates in my first trimester blog post, we’ve found out baby is a BOY! 💙 I had my first ultrasound at 20 weeks where we found out the gender and got to check everything out. I also recently put an Instagram post together here with some of the risks and concerns I have with routine ultrasounds if you want to read up on it!

I’ve been dreaming about our little guy and how perfectly he will fit into our family. My friends are hosting a baby shower for me in a few weeks, and I’ve had so much fun putting a baby registry together for him. There are quite a few items we have that are pink or girly, so I’m hoping to replace those, along with some things that have just gotten their use out of two babies already and could use an update!


  • I’m going to try out glass bottles this time. Bottles are one of those things that get heated up so frequently for sterilization or warmth before feeding, and can release harmful toxins, so glass is what we will be trying! I also added these glass milk storage bottles to my registry, which can be attached to a spectra breast pump, which is what I already have and plan to use, along with the medela manual pump.
  • Speaking of pumping and breastfeeding, I’ve heard such good things about these silver nursing cups and want to try them out this time for relief in those fresh postpartum days!
  • I also like to use a boppy pillow for some added support those first few weeks, and though this cow cover would be cute to replace the girly floral ones I already have. And I couldn’t resist these farm-themed burp cloths and muslin swaddle blanket!
  • Blue and green dinnerware were also must-haves since ours are bright pinks and purples! I added these sippy cups, straw cups, silicone plates, bowls, utensils, and bibs
  • I’ve heard amazing things about the 4moms breeze plus playard, and knew that was something we needed to upgrade, because our current pack & play is difficult to travel with.
  • I love our Hatch Rest baby sound machine and Lollipop camera for the girls’ room and knew baby boy will need those too.
  • I use this Brica car seat protector underneath both girls’ car seats and love it, so we’ll need a third now. I also could not resist this farm car seat toy. Are you sensing a theme here? Haha!
  • I had a mamaroo swing with both girls, and neither enjoyed it, so I added this Graco sway swing to try out.
  • I’m a big fan of natural rubber pacifiers, specifically the orthodontic shape, so we’ll be using these Hevea pacifiers.

I love documenting updates from each trimester and comparing to previous pregnancies. Here are my blog posts from my second trimester with my first baby and second before we jump into my weekly updates!


WEEK 13:
Contractions have begun… much earlier than previous pregnancies!
And my sciatic pain has been horrible

WEEK 14:
Baby is moving like crazy, especially at night
Stopped taking my second zofran, so now I’m down to just one plus half of a unisom tablet at night. YAY!

WEEK 15:
Nausea is back with a stomach bug going through our family
Waking up sweating
Vivid dreams

WEEK 16:
Successfully stopped taking zofran! So only half a unisom now
Sciatic pain is full swing

WEEK 17:
Nausea comes back some days at different times

WEEK 18:
Back pain is killer, it’s hard to walk up and down the stairs. It brought me to tears one day but maybe that’s due to pregnancy hormones

WEEK 19:
Sleeping really well and bursts of energy/motivation throughout the day

WEEK 20:
Few days of nausea in the mornings but I’ve also been going to bed late.
Anatomy scan – found out baby is a BOY!!! Also showed placenta previa (which has resolved itself in previous pregnancies) and fluid in baby’s kidneys, which apparently is common in boys and also typically resolves itself

WEEK 21:
Baby is moving a LOT
Feeling bursts of energy

WEEK 22:
Back pain is horrible, brought me to tears again
Extra tired but the weather has also been super gloomy lately
Craving strawberries (luckily they’re in season and we have a local farm across the street!

WEEK 23:
Spurts of energy and motivation  —  could be nesting mode?!

WEEK 24: 
Heartburn at night, but a glass of milk or papaya usually resolve it
Had a few bad days of nausea

WEEK 25:
Noticing my belly literally rests on my legs when I sit down
Craving watermelon, peaches, and strawberries

WEEK 26:
Horrible heartburn in evenings, which cannot be tamed with my usual milk or papaya remedies.

WEEK 27:
Belly is feeling reallllly heavy
More consistent contractions

Stay tuned for my third trimester update and birth story in a few months, if I share that here again!

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