First Trimester with Baby #2 | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

First Trimester with Baby #2!

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First Trimester with Baby #2 | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

God is so good  —  baby #2 will be joining our crew in May!!! I realized I’ve shared all about it on social media, but haven’t given an update here yet. I kept track of my weekly symptoms when I was pregnant with Dolly, and it’s been fun to look back and compare them to this time!

I also wanted to share how incredibly faithful the Lord has been to us in our waiting. As most of you know, we struggled with secondary infertility for over a year. Most of 2021 was spent seeking answers and switching fertility doctors, getting dozens of tests/procedures done, suffering through a miscarriage, and ultimately opening up our hearts to the thought of joining the foster care world. I thought that maybe God was tugging us in that direction so we could take care of children who needed a loving, temporary home while we wait for God to answer our own prayers.

The week prior to finding out I was pregnant, my fertility doctor told me I had pcos and came up with a treatment plan for us, and we also started taking classes to become licensed foster parents. We miraculously got pregnant with this sweet little nugget without having to interfere with medications, and have put the foster process on hold for now. I’m excited to see how God works through that desire, and if he leads us to the foster world in the future again!

First Trimester with Baby #2 | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek


I got my positive test at 3 weeks, and the only symptom I had this early was being extra tired, which was one of my first symptoms with Dolly too!

Completely exhausted, but also insomnia made it hard to fall asleep.
Super bloated
Had to pee ALL the time
Very slight cramps on my left side

Morning sickness started in full-force
BAD migraines
Thirsty all the time, but water makes me nauseous. The only thing I could drink was cold gatorade.

More cramps & nausea
First ultrasound & got to see the heart beating!
Cravings: watermelon, sonic cheese sticks
Aversions: the stovetop, so there went any chance of cooking

Acne (just like I said last time: the “pregnancy glow” is a load of bologna)
Nauseous all day
Started taking zofran, which became my life-saver.
Zero energy in the afternoons. I had to start taking naps everyday.
Cravings: Jersey Mike’s subs, margherita pizza from The Loop

I started to feel HUGE and bloated.
Extremely nauseous  —  I could tell when my zofran wore off before it was time for my next dose.
Pink stork morning sickness lozenges were the only thing that could get me through the day.
We saw baby wiggling around with a heartbeat in the 160’s at this week’s ultrasound!
Craving: strawberries
Aversions: now it’s just the smell of the kitchen. Every time I walk in, I have to puke

Insomnia is back, making it hard to sleep
Back pain. I remember feeling my hips start to shift with Dolly, but not this early!

My skin was sensitive and breaking out over anything at this point.
I got light-headed at church from standing through ONE song.
Craving: pizza & (finally) cold water

The migraines are back.
This week I was able to eat more regularly & do more (cleaning/cooking). I noticed that I didn’t need to take zofran on some days.

Morning and evening nausea came back again.
Already starting to feel tiny movements! I thought I was going crazy, but it’s definitely the baby moving in there!

As you can see, I’ve been super sick again this pregnancy. While most days are exhausting, each day is another reminder of this little miracle baby growing in my belly, and I’m so so so thankful & couldn’t be more honored to carry another life. Be sure to read my second trimester blog post here!

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