Three-Year Old Homeschool Preschool | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Three-Year Old Homeschool Preschool

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Three-Year Old Homeschool Preschool | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Hey there! If you’re new around here, welcome! I’m crazy enough to “homeschool” my three year old, because her brain is a literal sponge and she thrives with a structured day. We actually started when she was two, which I previously shared in a blog post here, then we went through alphabet letter crafts before we started our current routine, since I was newly postpartum at the time and it was easy!

I thought I would put together a blog post with this year’s little school routine that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour  —  that’s the beauty of getting to teach your children at home. You can change up your routine, environment or shorten lessons if you’re having an off-day. Anyway, I’ve shared most of this on my Instagram stories before, so you can check out my highlight here or keep reading.


This is what we start our day with. I printed out tracing sheets and some velcro activities for us to go through. I laminated the pages (here is the link for our laminator and pouches), and we use these washable dry erase markers to write on them. We typically don’t do all of these in one sitting.


  • Memory verse – we have been using and loving the ABCs of God’s Attributes cards from Tiny Theologians.
  • Then I’ll read a page from her Color Keepsake Bible. I love that she remembers what story she is coloring!
  • The Bible Busy Binder from Arrows & Applesauce has been so much fun! I’ve also found songs on YouTube that correlate with each activity and shared them to my Instagram stories if you want to check those out.
  • Here is a blog post with some of our favorite biblical resources for littles!


We’ve been going through The Good and the Beautiful Preschool Language Arts Course. Since Dolly already knew all her alphabet letters and sounds, I felt like it was a little repetitive. The activities that are included still make it fun, though! I’m excited to start their Kindergarten course in the fall.


Sometimes we’ll do a craft that I find on Pinterest, a puzzle, game, coloring page, or read-aloud chapter book. So far we have read Charlotte’s Web and Pollyanna – Dolly thought both were fun to listen to!

I hope this helps spark some creativity for your own preschool at home  — whatever that may look like! We love our “school days” and enjoy the one-on-one time we spend together. Let me know what activities you like to do with your littles!

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