First Trimester with Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

First Trimester with Baby #3!

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First Trimester with Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Wow, here we are! Time has been flying, and I’ve had trouble keeping up with how far along I am this pregnancy. I shared first trimester blog posts with my previous pregnancies (here and here), and they are always so helpful for me to look back on and compare symptoms or check when my nausea will eventually go away  —  hint: never! 🤪


I had felt slight twinges leading up to the week of my period, but thought maybe they were just regular cramps, so I didn’t think much of it. Then instead of my period, I had just a tiny bit of pink-brown blood one morning and nothing more. To my surprise, two pink lines showed up on a pregnancy test for me 12dpo (days past ovulation)!

We were not “trying” but also (obviously) weren’t doing a diligent job of preventing getting pregnant either, so this was a surprise to us! I fully expected for it to take my body months to even a year or more to get pregnant again, given my history of infertility and loss, so there were fears when I found out I was pregnant that I wrote about in this Instagram post.


I found out a week before Christmas, so I quickly searched Amazon for a “big sister” shirt for Dolly, found her hand-me-down shirt that would fit Lainey, and ordered a “baby 2024” ornament to give Mason. I was planning to surprise everyone on Christmas Day, but we had friends over for dinner a few days prior who brought wine, and I didn’t want to cause a scene by declining a glass, so I rushed outside with the ornament and showed Mason. I think he was just as shocked as I was!

Fast forward to Christmas Day. Mason and I were prepping breakfast in the kitchen, and Dolly felt my tummy and said “mommy, it feels like there’s a baby in your belly!” 🤯 I tried to play it off and luckily she dropped it. Then later we opened gifts and we caught her sweet reaction on video, you can click to watch here.

I was only 5 weeks along at the time, but we planned to visit my family the week after Christmas, so we went ahead and shared with half the family on Christmas over FaceTime and the other half when we visited the few days after! It was so fun to have Dolly at an age where she understands and was able to surprise people with us. She then continued to tell everyone we met or came in contact with over the next few weeks, haha! No secrets are safe with her.

First Trimester with Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek


Unusually clear skin
Frequent peeing
Headaches at night
Light-headed and out-of-breath in the mornings

Very thirsty this week
Heartburn at night
Nausea starting

Nausea all day and night
Had a really bad day where I realized my HG was back full-swing (puked many times, and had Mason pick up unisom & b6 for me)

First Trimester with Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Here are a few things that helped with my nausea:

  • Lime in ice water
  • Eating protein immediately upon waking
  • Snack every 30 minutes (fruit, cheese, peanut butter crackers, jerky, nuts)
  • These morning sickness sweets stayed by my bed, in the kitchen, my car, bag, etc.
  • Ultimately, zofran and unisom/b6 combo is what I had to stick with for a while

Nausea is more bearable, but I have a hard time drinking water
Taking naps every day

Craving watermelon and have not found any good ones
Also craving fruit popsicles! Struggling to eat other foods

Saw midwife and heard the heartbeat (179!)
Asked for zofran because nausea is still bad
She walked me through every test and reasons why I may or may not want to decline each one, it was the most informative appointment I’ve ever had!

WEEK 10:
Met with OB who had to sign off and approve I’m safe for a home birth (my annoyance with the state’s medical system is high, you can ask me about that another time, haha)
Heartbeat was 162 and said I was measuring exactly 10.5 weeks, which is when I saw her
Got prescribed some much-needed zofran (4mg)

WEEK 11:
I quickly realized the zofran dosage was not enough. It was supposed to last me 12 hours, but lasted maybe 3-4 before puking again. My OB changed the prescription to every 6 hours, which was much more helpful

WEEK 12:
I realized my hormone had been so out of whack lately. I was extra impatient, quick to anger, getting upset and emotional about everything this week. It was Valentine’s Day and we memorized 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 verse about love, and I felt majorly convicted.
My nausea is bearable, but don’t feel like I’m thriving  —  just surviving.

First Trimester with Baby #3! | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek


If you’re pregnant or hoping to get pregnant soon, these three books are a must-read! Along with having knowledgeable midwives, I feel like these gave me the most confidence to go into my births with confidence. If you’re seeking midwifery care, I highly recommend it! My kids have been able to come to appointments, and my midwife has even come to my house for some. They inform you on every test that will be asked of you and RESPECT when you decline. In my experience, they really highlight the importance of letting mothers make decisions for their body and their babies. I am able to text my midwife whenever necessary, spend as long as I need asking questions, and the entire labor and birth experience is phenomenally different than delivering in a hospital  —  at least it was for me. Let me know if you’re seeking midwifery care or have any questions, I’d love to chat more!

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