Second Trimester Bumpdate | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

Second Trimester Bumpdate

Second Trimester Bumpdate | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

This second trimester has been a BREEZE compared to my first trimester. Overall, I’m feeling so much better and have noticed baby girl constantly kick and wiggle around in my belly, so that’s been super exciting!

We’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling and moving throughout this trimester, but I can see how this is the best time to do it! On top of that, I’ve been planning my baby showers and working on our registry, along with preparing for our upcoming move to Jacksonville, Florida the past few weeks, so this trimester has gone by quickly!

Second Trimester Bumpdate | Meekly Loving by Sydney Meek

This time my weekly bump photos aren’t all in the same location because of our travels and move, but it’s so fun to be able to see how much my body has changed! Now onto the fun part…


Week 13: size of a pea pod
We drove to Colorado with Mason’s family for a ski trip this week (I didn’t ski, so don’t yell at me). I was surprised to find out that the cold and altitude didn’t affect me at all during the trip, but I felt SO sick on the drive back.
– Pretty queasy the next couple days
– Extra crampy this week

Week 14: size of a lemon
I had an appointment this week (1/3) to check on the baby, didn’t receive many updates this time.
– Feeling crampy, probably because the baby is growing like crazy!
– Super emotional, sorry Mason 😊
– Only been a little nauseous here & there
– Fettuccini alfredo, but the cheap/quick bagged kind
– Red rice and beans, WOW the smell made me sick to my stomach

Week 15: size of an avocado
We traveled to Europe this week! The jet lag made me pretty sick, but I got over it in a few days.
My bump is officially big enough to not be able to button my pants (1/10).
– All the French bread and pastries

Week 16: size of a pear
Had a few “off days” when I got nauseous, but I’m finally eating a LOT more food.
– Low on energy, especially since we’re doing a million things every day in Europe
– Feeling tiny movements!!! I like to call them “flutters”

Week 17: size of a pomegranate
I was supposed to have my “20-week” anatomy scan on 1/29, but I was two days too early (my doctor could only do it once I hit 18 weeks).
They did an ultrasound to find out the gender and were 90% sure they knew what it was, so we went home with an envelope and found out we’re having a GIRL over the weekend!
– Heartburn/acid reflux is BAD. I’ve been eating lots of cereal (milk) to help with this.
– Round ligament pain – apparently my hips and back are shifting to make room for the baby, which is just incredible

Week 18: size of a sweet potato
Finally had my anatomy scan done (2/5). We verified that Baby Meek is actually a girl and got to see her yawn and hiccup on the screen!
We also found out that my placenta is low-lying, which could potentially cause issues later in my pregnancy if it doesn’t move up. (Spoiler alert: it DID move up, so praise God for that!).
– Breakouts are still on and off (apparently baby girl is “stealing my beauty” 😉)
– Had morning sickness a couple days
– Round ligament PAIN

Week 19: size of a zucchini
Moved to St. Louis (2/9). We drove halfway to Little Rock, Arkansas, then made the rest of the drive the next day. Don’t worry, we stopped plenty of times for potty breaks. ❤️
– Round ligament pain is in my back now
– Feeling more movement from Baby Girl
– Just a little bit of morning sickness

Week 20: size of a banana
We’re HALFWAY through this pregnancy!!!
Mason felt her kick for the first time (2/14) and we both got to feel her have the hiccups (2/20).
I finally started working out  — I know, I’m a MAJOR slacker —  but it has helped my round ligament pain a bit.
– Getting uncomfortable to sleep
– Feeling movement from the inside & outside now
– BAD heartburn at night

Week 21: size of a carrot
I had another doctor appointment (2/26) and Baby Girl threw up a “Gig’em” for us!!! 👍
They also told me that my placenta has moved up at this point!
– Still get a little nauseous here & there
– Even more movement, keeping me up at night

Week 22: size of a corn on the cob
So, something that no one warned me about was that my belly button would turn into an outie??? What in the world?!
– Pregnancy acne is still a real & consistent thing, so I’m just rolling with it at this point

Week 23: size of a bunch of grapes
I’m starting to feel huge already, and then I laugh at myself because I still have quite a ways to go.
– Caught a cold this week, so finding pregnancy-safe medicine has been an adventure.
– Still feeling heartburn/acid reflux (I honestly don’t know the difference).

Week 24: size of a papaya
Celebrated at my doctor appointment (3/15) because I’ve FINALLY been gaining weight!
We went to Chicago this weekend, so I’ve been doing plenty of walking.
– Baby Girl has been moving up into my ribs a few times, making it extremely uncomfortable to move, or sit still, or do anything.

Week 25: size of a grapefruit
We finally narrowed down baby girl’s name this week!!! But we’re not announcing it until she’s born. 😉
– I’ve been feeling her move NON-STOP. Does she ever sleep?!
– Other than that, and the fact that I’ve gotten up almost every night to pee, I haven’t really had any big changes!

Week 26: size of an eggplant
Every week I think “I cannot possibly get any bigger,” but yet I do, and still have quite a ways to go.
– Still having heartburn, but mostly at night.
– Constantly snacking & peeing are basically my life right now, but hey, I’m okay with that.

Once again, thank y’all so much for joining me on this journey! I’ve been having tons of fun documenting everything and LOVE getting advice from all of my experienced mama readers! If you haven’t taken a look at my registry yet, check it out here.

Time is just flying by, so give me all your third trimester advice! What were your registry must-haves? What did you pack in your hospital bag? Tips for moving while pregnant? Let me know in the comments! ❤️

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  1. What sweet photos! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with us. 🙂 We have one grandchild who is 20 months old. He is full of love and laughter and energy.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! Oh how fun, I hope you enjoy your time with him! ❤️

  2. So sweet!! Praying God’s blessing as your prepare to welcome this precious girl into your family and His!

    1. Thank you so much, Liz! ❤️

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